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Build – Ransom Notes – Drum & Bass DJ Set + Rack Rundown

It's not everyday you catch a 20 minute Eurorack set with zero synthesis. That's right, Build flexes his DnB muscles with zero oscillators, two Bitbox Mk2s, and one unique Intellijel 7U setup. Let's check out the performance and a full rack rundown 🎛

Colin Benders – Prignalia

We're a little late to this, but the Master Monster Modulator himself is back with a new ~10 minute track that morphs almost as much as the animated graphic in the video. Kick your feet up and enjoy the slow build as Colin expertly layers and weaves across soundscapes.

Let’s Patch From Scratch with BNNY from MISSINGLABELRECORDS

Eurorack is firmly planted in the realm of sonic exploration. What better way to explore than side-by-side with BNNY, as he guides us through a 'patch from scratch' session with a gorgeous mix of hardware; modular and beyond.

Haleoda – 20 Minutes of Peaceful Ambient from Pierre’s Generative Music

Let's calm things down a little with 20 minutes of generative ambient music from a peaceful little corner of a (somewhat) compact hybrid studio.

New Single: Snakes of Russia – Dos Thrones

It's pretty hard to make using a modular synth look badass. We all know Devine's crushing the outer space visualizer vibes, but have you ever seen a Metropolix being metal as fxck? Enter Snakes of Russia and his new single Dos Thrones.

Fresh Track: Black Canyon – Sine Mountain

David Soto, better known as Sine Mountain, just dropped a nature-inspired single that takes full advantage of the 4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator's six voices. A real Master of Reverb, enjoy the sonic washes and relax for ~6 minutes.