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Hey, Machina Bristronica 2023 Is This Weekend!

There are synth events and then there are Synth Events. If you’re in the UK, you get the chance to enjoy the latter this weekend at Machina Bristronica 2023: a one-day festival brimming with activities. You can experience manufacturer booths, live sets, expert discussions, DIY workshops, educational sessions, and even a dedicated stage for DivKid interviews.

Whoever designed these posters must have a good magnifying glass, what a fantastic collections of manufacturers knobs in one place. You’ll find it challenging to see this much synth activity condensed into a single day; after all, Knobcon spans multiple days and Superbooth is very spread out.

Machina Bristronica 2023 Activities

Pulling this straight from Resident Advisor:

  • Over 100+ tables of the best synthesizers, manufacturers and modular gear on the planet.
  • 11 hours of incredible live hardware performances; everything from ambient to electro, mechanical techno to out & out experimentalism – with 6 unique visual artists providing mind bending accompaniment throughout the day.
  • 6 panel talks with some of the most knowledgable minds in synth design, creative production, label management and electronic music culture.
  • 5 educational sessions covering visual synthesis, live performance, audio visual and hardware production techniques and advanced modular patching.
  • 7 DIY Workshops where you can build your own desktop and modular gear – guided by the experts.
  • 7 chances to catch DivKid interviewing some of the top modular makers of today in the outside piazza, plus music from the Friendly Records crew.
  • A special 2 hour Escher Music Connection mix, with Em + Stav spinning the best tracks from the Bristol underground.
  • 6 hours of Afterparty action as Alex Jann, Medis, Mylar Melodies, Mirt and ALX-106 take over Dareshack to keep us running long into the night.
  • Plus plenty of food stalls, bars, merch, installations and more to be explored…

Machina Bristronica 2023 Festival Information

MB has a great post on Instagram outline details of the upcoming festival. The second image has some major items of interest:

  • All payments are card only including catering, entry and merch.
  • The venue has step free access throughout with accessible toilets
  • There will be seating available at every stage/area of the festival.
  • Please note there is no cloakroom available at the venue.
  • Access points to all stages will be clearly signposted throughout the venue
  • Due to venue licensing all customers require a bag check and pat down upon entry.
  • Data and Discussions Stages have limited capacity so we recommend arriving early for any talks you wish to see.

Machine Bristronica 2023 Tickets

Tickets are available on Resident Advisor for £29.99 and sales stop tomorrow (Friday, Sep. 29th) at 4pm Pacific.

We’re definitely jealous to be on the opposite side of the world from this event. So many talented creators in one spot, have your eyes peeled for follow up coverage and keep patching!

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