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24 PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note) is a resolution standard used in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and other electronic music systems to determine the number of timing pulses or clock signals within a single quarter note. It represents the subdivision of a quarter note into 24 equal parts or ticks, providing a precise way to synchronize and sequence events like note on/off, control changes, and timing information.

Higher PPQN values, such as 48 or 96, offer greater timing resolution and can result in more accurate and detailed sequences, while lower PPQN values, like 24 or 12, offer less resolution but can be simpler to work with and require less processing power.

In MIDI, the standard clock resolution for synchronization between devices is 24 PPQN, allowing for precise timing and synchronization of events within a MIDI sequence or between multiple MIDI devices. It is essential to note that the PPQN value is independent of the tempo (BPM) and only determines the resolution of the timing events within a sequence.