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Buffered Multiple

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A buffered multiple (also known as a “buffered mult” or “active multiple”) is a module that allows you to distribute a single input signal, such as an audio or control voltage (CV) signal, to multiple output destinations without signal loss or voltage drop. Buffered multiples are useful when you want to route a single signal to several modules without compromising the integrity of the original signal.

Unlike passive multiples, which are simple signal splitters that can sometimes cause a voltage drop due to impedance interactions between connected modules, buffered multiples use active circuitry to maintain a consistent voltage level across all outputs. This active circuitry ensures that the original signal is accurately replicated at each output, even when driving multiple loads.

Buffered multiples are particularly important when distributing pitch CV signals to multiple oscillators, as any voltage drop can result in detuning and unintended pitch variations. In other cases, such as when distributing gate or modulation signals, a passive multiple may suffice, and the potential voltage drop may not have a significant impact on the patch’s functionality.