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An integrator, more commonly known as a Slew Limiter, performs the mathematical operation of integration on a control voltage (CV) signal.

Integrator modules can be used to create smooth and gradual changes in various parameters of a modular synthesizer, resulting in more dynamic and expressive sounds. By integrating control signals generated by other modules, such as sequencers or LFOs, integrator modules can create evolving control signals that can be used to control the pitch of an oscillator, the cutoff frequency of a filter, or the amplitude of an envelope.

In addition to creating control signals, integrators can also be used to generate new audio signals. By feeding an audio signal into the integrator module, a phase-shifted output signal is generated that is 90 degrees out of phase with the input signal. This results in the generation of a new audio signal with different harmonic content and timbre. Integrators can be used in combination with other synthesis techniques, such as filtering and modulation, to create complex and unique sounds that are not possible with traditional synthesis techniques.

Slew Limiter