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Build – Ransom Notes – Drum & Bass DJ Set + Rack Rundown

It’s not everyday you catch a 20 minute Eurorack set with zero synthesis. That’s right, Build flexes his DnB muscles with zero oscillators, two Bitbox Mk2s, and one unique Intellijel 7U setup. Let’s check out the performance and a full rack rundown 🎛

You’re not seeing double. This is one mirrored powerhouse with a specific goal in mind: be able to perform a full sample-based Drum & Bass DJ set. Build always has a focused aesthetic, but this latest case highlights the versatility of Eurorack.

Even better? Build dropped a companion video with a rack rundown and composition approach.

Pam’s New Workout, two Bitboxes, a Maestro, a Catalyst, two Befaco/DivKid Stereo Strips, and a heavy dose of Noise Engineering power this system. It’s a beauty.

What do you think?

Does modular synthesis without the synthesis make sense? Do you even like samples in your compositions?

Regardless, we’re a fan of Build’s album Impulse Reaction from last year. It brings the heat, just like this recent DJ set.

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