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Haleoda – 20 Minutes of Peaceful Ambient from Pierre’s Generative Music

Let’s calm things down a little with 20 minutes of generative ambient music from a peaceful little corner of a (somewhat) compact hybrid studio.

The sound itself might be relaxed, but there is lots of technique here. A heavy dose of Mutable Instruments permeates the signal path with a sprinkling of lofi tape and Microcosm for flavor.

How does it work? No guessing necessary.

Pierre broke down the patch specifics for this video, so feel free to get technical while your ears take a break.

Haleoda Patch Notes

The bassline is created using Mutable Instruments’ Beads, a granular texture synthesizer. It’s sequenced by Erica Synths’ Pico Seq, a compact sequencer module, creating an grounding, nebulous bass layer that pulses underneath the entire composition.

Pamela’s New Workout, a versatile clocking module from ALM Busy Circuits, manages all timing-related elements. It’s the beating heart of the system, ensuring everything from the bass to the melodics move in a coherent rhythm.

Rings from Mutable Instruments, a resonator module known for its plucky, organic timbres, is responsible for the more percussive melodic elements. Befaco’s Burst module triggers Rings, creating an array of rhythmic, string like notes that ebb and flow throughout the piece.

The melody is generative, birthed from Mutable Instruments’ Marbles, a module which delivers random but controllable voltages for pitch and timing. It’s like rolling dice, yet with the ability to shape the outcome, guiding the randomness into a beautiful melody.

The 4ms Ensemble module subtly enriches the sound by adding harmonics, like a sprinkling of sonic stardust over the sonic landscape.

A looping, lofi hang drum sample is played from the Uher 4000 monitor tape machine, further enhancing the organic, meditative vibe. The tape loop then runs into Hologram Microcosm, a granular processor and looper pedal, to impart extra texture and depth to the overall sonic profile.

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