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Let’s Patch From Scratch with BNNY from MISSINGLABELRECORDS

Eurorack is firmly planted in the realm of sonic exploration. What better way to explore than side-by-side with BNNY, as he guides us through a ‘patch from scratch’ session with a gorgeous mix of hardware; modular and beyond.

It’s always nice to hear the thought processes of artists and the unique signal flows of their brain. Creating sounds, creating textures, creating moments… it’s different for everyone and BNNY pulls back the curtains on his process. Join along for some nice Eurorack theory, building a chill patch, and enjoying almost 3 hours of musical shine 🎛

Check out MISSINGLABELRECORDS Linktree here. And BNNY’s music here. Hopefully, [mLr] will make this a regular feature of their YouTube channel because we’re digging Episode 001.

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