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Alert Ripley: Xenomorph Blanks

Few synthesists can boast the ability to patch a kick drum while staring down the jaws of H.R. Giger’s dark imagination. If you want to join that group, Ryan Holbrook is doing a small run of black resin Xenomorph blanks to celebrate LV-426, better known as Alien Day.

From Ryan’s Facebook post:

LV426 day is just around the corner, and for this I decided to do another run of my Xenomorph Heads and full bodies, this time in Black Resin! I will be taking pre-orders through April 26th, and shipping out the following days. I also have a few 4hp and 6hp Xeno Tails left as well. Get yours while you can!

All prices including shipping to the Lower 48 states, please contact about international shipping. I accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp

  • 12hp Xeno Head – $25
  • 8hp Full Xeno – $20
  • 6hp Xeno Tail – $15
  • 4hp Xeno Tail – $15

Pre-orders end on April 26th (yes, tomorrow).

If you want the crew of the USCSS Nostromo to never rest again, you can check out the Facebook listing or ping Ryan on his Etsy page.

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