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Clank Modular Proteo & Axis – Superbooth News

Already popular for their Chaos random gate & CV generator, Clank Modular just added two significant modules to the family: meet Proteo and Axis.

There’s very little in the way of visuals, photos or video, for Clank’s new hardware. What we do know is the Clank team put a lot of thought into unique UX. Their design language is beautiful yet usable, it’s immediately obvious which jacks are ins vs. outs and which CV maps to which pots.

Let’s pull the info from Clank for each module.

Clank Modular Proteo

Constantly evolving waveform stereo oscillator: Two independent time-based acquiring paths transform incoming voltages into sounds, casting a mold for the oscillator waveform.

The sonic result is a constant evolving waveform which can be frozen and blended with a sine wave. The two oscillators are tied together from the common pitch, the span control lets you set the pitch distance inbetween.

  • Dimensions: 12hp
  • Pricing & availability: TBA

The dual waveform screen and white-edged pots on Proteo are completely new design elements to us, so very excited to start hearing sound demos once more are out in the wild.

Clank Modular Axis

A comprehensive module for amplitude management: a morphable selection of envelopes, with controllable length, amplitude and shape,which are injected into a selectable VCA/LPG. At the end of the chain, a crossfader is placed to invert the stereo field.

Plucked sound, long swell, acoustic dampening simulation, all in one simple control, all CV controllable.

  • Dimensions: 12hp
  • Pricing & availability: TBA

Axis has clearly been designed as a best-friend to Proteo. Two channels of selectable/morphable envelope types and VCA or LPG type behavior. Very nice.

The Clank Modular ecosystem is shaping up to be as sonically rich as it is visually stunning. We’ll keep this post up-to-date as new details and visuals become available.

Happy patching!

Note: all imagery courtesy of Clank Modular.

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