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Hot Garbage: Behringer Abacus Clone of Make Noise Maths

One of the best things about being an independent publication is we don’t have to say nice things about hot garbage. Speaking of, welcome the newest clone from Behringer into the market… Abacus. A hideous port of Make Noise Maths, the ubiquitous do-it-all Buchla-inspired function generator.

As usual, Behringer included all the hallmarks of their clone approach:

  • Ugly design
  • Unnecessary graphics
  • No functionality additions or improvements
  • Complete lack of documentation

This formula has worked for Behringer’s XOAC Batumi and Mutable Instruments Plaits clones, so why break the mold? They did slightly alter the panel layout this time though. Nailed it!

For those saying ‘yea but it’s cheap as chips’ have you looked at VCV Rack? That’s free, and has excellent function generators like Befaco’s Rampage. Shoot, you can even make your own Maths, just like in this video.

No? You still want to support a company that rips off intellectual property like Carlos Mencia does jokes? Cool, there’s plenty of coverage to catch up on.

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