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NAMM 2023 Launch: Intellijel Cascadia

Ok, who had Intellijel dropping a $2,000+ semi-modular desktop synth on their bingo card? Meet the Intellijel Cascadia.

Less talking, more video…

What’s that, you don’t want some corporate mouthpiece telling you about your synthesizers? Fine, let’s listen to the soothing tones & demonstrative hands of DivKid:

At first glance, some interesting design choices:

  • Clearly marking input jacks vs. output jacks vs. normals
  • Separating slider color (grey vs. white) for attenuation/version vs. primary controls
  • Incorporating a pedal send/return FX loop with wet/dry control

Maybe a lot of people weren’t expecting a device of this size and cost to come from Intellijel, but the amount of functionality they’ve wedged into this form factor is extremely impressive. Cascadia almost feels more like a box for synthesis exploration than a standard vs. something you plug and play into an EDM track.

For rack heads or style freaks, Intellijel is offering a few upgrades: a rackmount kit for $69 and wood metal side cheeks for $49.

We’ll post follow-ups on the Cascadia with all features and keep an eye on the wall of demo videos hovering over the horizon. Until then, happy patching!

Intellijel Cascadia Price & Specs

Height66mm (from rubber foot to top of knobs)
Width348mm (including wood end cheeks)
Depth246mm (front to rear jacks).
Power15V DC/1.0 A (minimum), center-pin-positive.
In the BoxCascadia Semi-modular Synthesizer
14 Patch cables — 4×10cm, 4×15cm, 4×30cm, 2×45cm
USB-C to A cable
Intellijel cable tie
15V/1.2A AC Adaptor (Euro/American prongs included)

Finally, why not toss in a quick image gallery? Let’s test it out.

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