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Noise Engineering: Major Warranty Update

Hardware warranties aren’t the sexiest topic on earth, but they sure get important quickly when you get distracted by the LA Lakers playoff score and plug a $349.99 module in backwards. What? No, that’s not oddly specific. Anyway, moving on…

It turns out Noise Engineering are both module manufacturers and real, organic human beings. Well maybe not 100% organic, but they know what crappy warranties look like. And they said, “non hodie domine!”

Ok, that means “not today sir!” in Latin. Because they name their mod… Yea, Latin was the punchl… alright I’ll get back to the warranty update stuff.

Since April 18th, if something goes wrong with a Noise Engineering module you own, send it back to them and they will repair it for free. Yes, that includes original and second-hand owners.

2023 Warranty Terms

Under the new 2023 warranty terms, if you own a Noise Engineering module and things aren’t working right, just pay to ship the module to them and it will be repaired and sent back to you free of charge. That’s basically it, with two major exceptions.

The biggest reason that we’re making this change is that we just think it’s a good thing to do.

Two Exceptions

  1. The warranty does not cover modules that have been damaged through misuse, modification, or user-inflicted damage. You can still get in touch, but most likely the repair is going to cost parts & labor.
  2. If it is a legacy NE module (darn you Confundo Funkitis unobtanium!) and no longer in production, they may not have the necessary parts to actually make the repair. This is a common reason for modules getting retired.

Climate Impact

Fewer broken modules mean less electronics in the trash means happier planet. That’s Noise Engineering’s logic and it makes sense. It’s not quite commodity fetishism, but many things are more repairable than we’re led to believe, and enabling customers to extend the life of a module means more music in the world and less mountains of garbage.

When we buy things ourselves we like to know that the creator has our back, and we want you to have that same feeling. 

Get Started & NE Blog

To get a warranty claim rolling, go to the NE contact page and start a Module Help support request.

Oh yea, did you know Noise Engineering has a consistently excellent blog? Beyond business updates and hardware announcements, they deep dive into module design decisions, synthesis concepts, and more. It’s definitely worth bookmarking their site and checking back for new articles.

Ok, if you’ve read this far we hope it’s the most warranty-related text you interact with all month. If you’re a glutton for punishment you can read the fine print in any of NE’s user manuals, like this one. Bye!

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