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NAMM 2023 Launch: Verbos Electronics – Real World Interface

UPDATE: We have a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unC-Wpr-bck LET THE RELEASES BEGIN! Verbos Electronics gets the official 'First NAMM 2023 Eurorack Product Release' Award. And we only say that...

Three New 1U Modules from Befaco: 1U STMIX, 1U ST Amp, and 1U Out

Befaco is announcing three new 1U modules: 1U STMIX, 1U ST Amp, and 1U Out. Doesn't everyone like getting more I/O in one third the size? Let's dig in!

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Superbooth24 Mega Super News Roundup

Keeping up with all Superbooth24 releases, updates, and prototypes is hard work. Well, it was hard work. By our count there's an insane 92 new modules, 8 module prototypes, 7 modular-related hardware announcements, 2 new modular systems, 2 firmware updates, and 1 pedal. Let's patch in.

ModBias Weekly – Modular Newsletter

This is Alex from Modular Bias and I'm excited to announce our first newsletter ModBias Weekly – a weekly, no-frills update on everything modular synthesis.

Acidus Versio – Alternative 303 Firmware by Blue Nautilus

We're baaaack! Let's get caught up on a few things before smashing everyone with Superbooth 24' news. First item, the amazing Acidus Versio alternative firmware from Blue Nautilus.

Meet Nightlife – After Later Audio’s New Mixer Ecosystem

If you were lucky enough to attend Knobcon last year, 2023 was clearly the "Year of the Mixer." Larger offerings from Noise Engineering, 1010 Music, and Boredbrain got significant coverage but there's one company who seems to have snuck under the radar: After Later Audio and the modular Nightlife Mixer Series.

Modular World – Patch-On: Reverb Challenge

Weighing in at almost five and half hours, the Modular World Patch-On: Reverb challenge is an epic show of 50 artists across 15 countries.