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Univer Inter Is Noise Engineering’s Long-Awaited MIDI-to-CV Answer

Figuring out how to blend the DAW and Eurorack can be a major headache. Or costly. Or a costly major headache. Now the fine folks over at Noise Engineering have survived the parts shortage rollercoaster in developing the Univer Inter – a chainable 8 output, 6HP MIDI-to-CV converter and USB MIDI interface.

Additable Synthesis: Warp Is A New Type of Voice from Neuzeit Instruments

Additable Synthesis. Oh, you've never heard that phrase before? Well we just made it up, but that's only because the sharp minds behind Neuzeit Instruments created Warp: a new four-voice hybrid oscillator that combines additive synthesis and wavetable synthesis.

Legio Gets A Filter: Noise Engineering’s New Roucha Legio – Superbooth News

The Versio platform currently has 9 modules, but no dedicated filter. The Legio platform had 3 modules, and yet no dedicated filter. Now all those rogue frequencies have nowhere to hide. Meet Noise Engineering's new stereo, multi-mode, wavefolding, pitch tracking, bypass-able filter: the Roucha Versio.

Kaona Modular Releases Skippy – Superbooth News

What happens when you take the concept from Euclidian Circles and go fully digital? It looks like French manufacturer Kaona Modular pondered that very...

Clank Modular Proteo & Axis – Superbooth News

Already popular for their Chaos random gate & CV generator, Clank Modular just added two significant modules to the family: meet Proteo and Axis.

Mystic Circuits Wants You to Push the 0HP Butt0n

While you know 3U and 1U form factors, there's a place outside of rack-time and rack-space that offers passive utilities taking up approximately zero space. Hence, 0U (zero U)! Eli, in his typical monochromatic and understated way, let us know about the newest module in their 0HP line: the 0HP Butt0n.

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Patch-On: Reverb – A Modular World Interview with Johno Wells

In celebration of the upcoming Patch-On // REVERB patch-challenge video we talk about the show, the scene, and the mind behind one of the most important creative outlets in our global modular community.

DivKid Ochd – Halloween Wallpaper Set

As promised, here are six hi-res desktop wallpapers and one (you have to edit people) iOS wallpaper from our DivKid øchd Halloween photo session.

Meet the New DivKid Ochd Expander: [ø]4^2

We've got a hunch that 'ochd expander' will be...

A8Manager v2.0: Interview On Making the Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or Easier to Handle

Sample management isn't fun. Especially, sample management on complex Eurorack modules with minimal screen real estate. Chris Roberts felt that pain and coded an open source, cross-platform app to handle samples and preset files on the Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or. Let's get to know A8Manager v2.0 and talk to Chris about the software!

Hey, Machina Bristronica 2023 Is This Weekend!

There are synth events and then there are Synth Events. If you're in the UK, you get the chance to enjoy the latter this weekend at Machina Bristronica 2023: a one-day festival brimming with activities. You can experience manufacturer booths, live sets, expert discussions, DIY workshops, educational sessions, and even a dedicated stage for DivKid interviews.