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Let’s Dive Into Water with Jasmine & Olive Trees

Everyone who’s purchased J&OT’s popular first module Traffic will be aware of Water, the second module from the Barcelona manufacturer. It doesn’t matter which module you buy as each comes with both sets of firmware loaded and a matching panel overlay.

That said, the Water was hazy (see what we did there?) compared to Traffic’s great video documentation. Now we get a similar, detailed exploration of J&OT’s vector CV generator and how to it flows through patches.

Swapping firmwares is straightforward. Get something with a small tip (no jokes pls) and change the position of two dip switches on the rear PCB. Easy.

Jasmine & Olive Trees has crushed it with their first two releases; highly affordable and ship with two modules worth of hardware/software. We even heard there’s an easter egg hiding someplace…

Great work and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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